Chris Komorek is a 25 year-old broadcaster, writer, editor and voice actor. He has a Bachelor of Media from The University of Adelaide and over six years experience working in Radio, Journalism and Digital Marketing.

Chris specialises in nurturing creative ideas, is a meticulous editor and a proven team leader, able to provide constructive feedback. He began working with Australia's first community broadcaster Radio Adelaide, during the first year of his media degree. His passion came from recording vox-pops on campus for student radio. Over the years, Chris presented a range of programs, including Breakfast and Drive, and in 2014 was named favourite presenter at the station. He worked briefly with the ABC as a reporter for ABC Rural in Renmark, South Australia. He currently hosts By The Glass, an entertaining podcast about the people behind South Australia's finest booze & food.

He freelances in photography, regularly contributes to The Music, and every year organises the Boxing Day Cup, a 20/20 cricket match that raises money for Radio Adelaide. He is passionate about travelling, most recently visiting Cuba, where he wrote a journal based on how the removal of the U.S embargo would impact the lives of the Cuban people.

Chris is always willing to have a chat, so if you'd like to contact him about an upcoming opportunity or simply to get to know him more, please do so via;

Email: crkomorek@gmail.com
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Twitter: @crkomorek
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